Jao (harion) wrote,

A blood-spattered sword

Open your eyes...

I am here -- right here.

Drive the sword through my heart and I will give you the same cross-mark scar you gave me, right in your face.
We shall end this now.
My days of wandering the earth searching for atonement is over. Your days of pretending to be a tragedy-stricken courtesan is over.
For far too long have I mourned our death. Far too long have I blamed myself. Far too long have I carried the burden of this sword's blood-letting. It is only fitting that I die by my own sword, and my blood be the last to touch this accursed blade.

Tomoe, I release you from the bonds of fate that destiny has put upon us... 

Open your eyes...

Look me in the eye when I drive this sword through you. Know in this space and time that I never left you. You have always been a reflection of me.
For so long I've waited for you to bring me back to life, and now that you have, it is time to bring this to an end.

And gently, she put her palms on the hilt of the sword and pushed. Slowly, the blade entered my chest, passing through my ribcage and my heart. All throughout, she was crying silently, and when the sword reached hilt-deep inside of me, our faces were inches apart. And I stroked her cheek with the small blade in my hand and made a cross-mark on it, smiling weakly at her as I felt the life in me slip away.

She whispered, so softly, the wind carried the words away as soon as she spoke it, her sobs drifting along with it.

Shinta, I release you. From the bonds of love that I have put unfairly around you. Go now and have peace. It is now my turn to wander.

But I never heard those words, my breath expiring shortly after she said: I release you...
So I never saw what she did afterwards, nor what she said.

Kissed me full on the lips, wiping her tears away as she ended the kiss, and with surprising strength, pulled the sword straight out of my body and wiped it clean with the bandanna I gave her when we were still "one."
Then she slid the sword back into its scabbard and tied the bandanna around her head, and slowly walked away from my fallen body, without so much a glance nor pause.

With this steel, I forge a reverse-edged sword.
So that one day, a swordsman might pick it up,
not to kill, but to protect.

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